The parents today seem to prefer Day care centres or pre-schools, to home-based caring by grandparents or nannies, as it gives the child an opportunity to grow up in an environment, where, he/she gets a chance to make friends, play and learn.

What is a good program?

In a good child care program, enough opportunity to communicate with your child’s care provider is the most important. She should always be ready to communicate with you and provide you with any information you want to know about your child’s day-to-day activities. If there is a problem or a limitation she should be willing to work with you.

The environment should be healthy, safe, and colourfully designed with children in mind. And there should be good supervision.

Evaluating Your Child’s care provider

You should be sure that the person who is caring for your child is truly a wonderful care provider. In addition to experience and training, there are qualities she should have that are not taught in school. She should be patient, fair, responsive, level headed, focused and vigilant. Being a fun person is also necessary because a strict or moody person could make the child hate that place. It may not be possible to judge a care provider based on what you see when you meet. But if you pay attention, listen to your child, communicate with other parents and drop in frequently, you will be able to get quite a good picture of what your care provider is really like.

What activities to expect

Child psychologists and educational specialists have now recognized that Play is the most effective and powerful way for young children to learn. Often it is said that play is the primary method for them to learn about themselves, others and their world.

Play at a Day care Centre or a pre-school should be fun, process oriented and non-goal-oriented.

Play is the best way for young children to learn the concepts, skills, and tasks. Most programs of Day care centres and pre-schools focus on developing the whole child: socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually, which is exactly what we want for our child.

Caring For Your Child While You Are At Work

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