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Sit Back And Relax

Published / by Brandon Nelson

Having kids is not an easy job. You have to be prepared for anything and everything. As doting mothers ourselves, we understand. It is especially harder when you have a toddler and an infant and you suddenly realize you ran out of something and have to rush to the store. Oh man! That’s going to be tough since you’re going to have your hands full what with no babysitter at a moment’s notice. These times call for a longer term action. An action to buy all your babies necessities from our online store The Nappy Shop. The reason you should choose our company is because we not just ship on the same day as you order (for all orders above $99), we also offer bulks of products. Check out our wotnot baby wipes bulk  and you will see that baby products are a serious business for us. If ever you have been in the above discussebaby-items-servicesd position, we know this offer is a necessity for you. Which is why we operate in such an easily accessible manner. Now, you can sit back and relax while simply placing the order with us, before your bub wakes up.  

Every step 
The Nappy Shop understands that a child’s needs vary as they grow up. The types of food they like and the clothes they fit, everything changes. More so with babies, since they have more change in physical appearance than us, adults. Our huggies nappy pants walker and our bellamy’s organic formula price are just such examples of this universal truth. These nappy pants are for the right fit for when your baby starts walking. As they move around their legs more, the usual nappies tend to leak or not stay in place, but the huggies nappy pants walker are designed for protection against that.  

The bellamy’s organic formula price as the name suggests, is a special formula made for your kid and includes all the necessary ingredients for your child’s growth. It even varies as per the age of your child, a step 1 formula for when the baby’s young and the steps keep increasing as the child grows up. This isn’t a marketing technique to make more money. In fact, the formula is specialty made with ingredients that the child needs and can handle. A toddler learning to walk needs more energy but an infant might not be able to digest the extra vitamins. Therefore, the different types of formula come into play.  

In case you are still skeptical to try our products since they come from various brands, relax because we only do business with the most reliable brands out there. All of them operate with the sole responsibility that their ultimate consumer is a baby, and their products are made to make the baby feel happy. As mothers, we made sure of that. So, the next time your baby’s napping, order some necessities from us and let us know if we are right for the job.  



Safety Tips You Should Follow When Purchasing A Bed For Your Child

Published / by Brandon Nelson

For a family with two children, bunk beds seem a great choice to save the space as they exempt you from buying two individual beds for your younger ones. Coming with two bunks, one child can easily sleep on the top while the other can make himself / herself comfortable on the bottom. There are also a myriad of designs available with these bunk beds featuring a bed, sofa and desk. However, while you can use this single furniture for multiple purposes, there are certain safety tips you need to adhere to when it comes to assembling and use of these beds.

Important tips to remember before commencing with the use of these beds

As mentioned above, while you get a myriad of choices for selecting a bunk bed, you need to follow certain tips before you grab one of the bunk beds for sale. Some tips recommended, a must are as follows:

• Look for certification

When you head for purchasing a bunk bed, it is mandatory to check for the certification first. This certification is issued to the beds only when they are considered to be meeting all the safety standards before being sold to a customer. These beds undergo a number of tests, including that of durability and strength before being certified safe for use.

• Check the use of the safety nails

Checking the safety nails is the second important factor you need to consider when you are buying a bunk bed. Remember that there should be only five inch gap between the mattress top and the top of the rail so as to protect the child from being trapped (in case you are buying this for your kid). Also check for the rails to ensure that the child does ‘not tumble down accidentally while asleep.

• Decide a bed, according to the purpose

The bed should be chosen according to its purpose. However, all bunk beds perform the primary purpose of saving space in the room, but you need to select a bed according to the room they are meant for. For example, in a guest room you need to have a futon bottom-convertible bunk bed while that for a teen’s room should be made from some durable and stronger material. Again for a kid, you need a bunk bed with stout railings.

• Check the whole assembling before using it

Before you start using this bed, it is necessary to check the whole bed assembling. Though you can check it on your own, it will be better to hire a skilled carpenter to do the same. He can make sure that all the screws and bolts are tight as well as the ladder and railing is installed securely to avoid accident.

Where from can you avail a bunk bed?

Now you might be worrying about where to get the bunk beds from. Relieve your tension with the internet which provides you details about the dealers offering the beds in your locality. Also with the growth of e-commerce, you can order a bunk bed online as well. However, whatever mode you choose to go with, make sure to follow these tips before finalizing the transaction and commencing with the use.

First Timers Guide On How To Start On Solids

Published / by Brandon Nelson

There are many stages that a developing baby goes through during his first year. The first and most important stage is the transition to solids in addition to breast milk. There are many sites and forums that encourages solids in different months of a child. Whilst some are more than willing to give an early start as 4 months of age and some have other opinions of not starting solids till 6 months of age. The same type of people goes on to say that a baby should be exclusively breast fed till 6 months of completion and nothing earlier than that. Nevertheless it’s a mother instinct on deciding when their baby should start solids. And there are many who go by this stance.

Whatever the age of your baby maybe, it’s never too late or too early to start on solids if your motherly instincts kick in. However it’s always best to check with your babies’ pediatrician before you begin. This article will be your starting guide on when and how you can start introducing solids to your baby.

Types of cereals

The most common of all busy mums recipes is the preparation of rice cereals. Cereals can vary from rice, porridge, muesli or etc. You can easily prepare this with a little bit of breast milk, formula or warm water that has been cooled to room temperature. You could serve this as plain or by adding a fruit such as banana, papaw or stewed apples. Suitable age to be introduce this would be from 4 months and above.

Introduction of vegetables

One of the main busy mums recipes are the introduction of vegetables such as pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes and zucchini. These can be steamed, boiled and roasted and then pureed with a little water to make into a smooth consistency to be able to easily be consumed by babies who are 4 months. Once the baby becomes 6 months of age you no longer have to puree food, you need to mash the food so that there are lumps in consistency that will be useful during the teething stage. This can be followed till baby turns 12 months. Once the 12 months stage is over, these vegetables can be introduced like flinger foods that encourage the children to pick up the food and eat by themselves.

Special fruits

There are certain kinds of fruits that need to be given only when a baby is over 6 months of age. Avocado is one of the above. This can be smashed and combined with another fruit or vegetable or spread on toast that can be hand held and consumed.

Fabrics, That Is Best For Babies

Published / by Brandon Nelson

If you are stocking up on supplies before your baby is due, you will probably come across an overwhelming range of choices in the market. These will surely make you confused as to what to opt for. From brands to materials and makes, products are varied and endless when it comes to babies. Here are some tips on how to pick up fabric based care and essential accessories for babies.


Among the different natural fabrics and hybrids that are available, you might want to stay safe and opt for cotton based materials and accessories. If you wish, you could shop for organic cotton items. That would ensure that the cotton is grown with organic farming methods and processed without the use of harsh chemicals and dyes. It would translate to higher costs for an exclusive material. However, it would certainly be worth it for your baby’s soft and delicate skin. There are other new and emerging materials like belly bandit bamboo that make sense to purchase as well.


It is another form of natural fabric that has come into vogue. You will find several brands promoting belly bandit bamboo and similar material for different products. Bamboo is a versatile material that can be found on house tiles as well as soft fabrics for babies. This material has several beneficial properties that make it ideal for babies. It is anti allergic, antibacterial and none irritating. It is usually grown and manufactured organically by premium brands.


Natural fabrics are not the only choices you have when shopping accessories for babies. Though small babies should not be subjected to hybrid blends and synthetic fabrics, you could start using blends of cotton and wool, which help to keep babies warmer than simply cotton fabrics. This is more required in cooler climates and for winter seasons. As wool by itself might irritate the skin, opting for cotton and wool blends would be more comfortable for the delicate skin of babies. There are other hybrids made of hypoallergenic fabrics that could be tried out as well.

Different choices

You can choose from different clothing, wraps, blankets and accessories like towels, napkins, bibs and others like shoes, caps and belts from different fabrics. It is best to choose light cottons for innerwear that touches the skin. For cooler climates synthetic blends can be looked at for outerwear. This helps to keep in the warmth which is necessary in case of babies who cannot generate enough of body warmth by themselves. If you have found a baby brand you can rely upon, it would be best to stick to the brand when it comes to choosing different clothing accessories for your baby. This will make your shopping easier and give you ease of mind as well.