There are many stages that a developing baby goes through during his first year. The first and most important stage is the transition to solids in addition to breast milk. There are many sites and forums that encourages solids in different months of a child. Whilst some are more than willing to give an early start as 4 months of age and some have other opinions of not starting solids till 6 months of age. The same type of people goes on to say that a baby should be exclusively breast fed till 6 months of completion and nothing earlier than that. Nevertheless it’s a mother instinct on deciding when their baby should start solids. And there are many who go by this stance.

Whatever the age of your baby maybe, it’s never too late or too early to start on solids if your motherly instincts kick in. However it’s always best to check with your babies’ pediatrician before you begin. This article will be your starting guide on when and how you can start introducing solids to your baby.

Types of cereals

The most common of all busy mums recipes is the preparation of rice cereals. Cereals can vary from rice, porridge, muesli or etc. You can easily prepare this with a little bit of breast milk, formula or warm water that has been cooled to room temperature. You could serve this as plain or by adding a fruit such as banana, papaw or stewed apples. Suitable age to be introduce this would be from 4 months and above.

Introduction of vegetables

One of the main busy mums recipes are the introduction of vegetables such as pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes and zucchini. These can be steamed, boiled and roasted and then pureed with a little water to make into a smooth consistency to be able to easily be consumed by babies who are 4 months. Once the baby becomes 6 months of age you no longer have to puree food, you need to mash the food so that there are lumps in consistency that will be useful during the teething stage. This can be followed till baby turns 12 months. Once the 12 months stage is over, these vegetables can be introduced like flinger foods that encourage the children to pick up the food and eat by themselves.

Special fruits

There are certain kinds of fruits that need to be given only when a baby is over 6 months of age. Avocado is one of the above. This can be smashed and combined with another fruit or vegetable or spread on toast that can be hand held and consumed.

First Timers Guide On How To Start On Solids

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