Many children have mental illnesses but are not known by parents. Parents should keep an eye on their children, to identify if your child has any mental illness.If you notice that your child is feeling sad for m our child is going through depression. If your child worries for the smallest reasons and has a feeling of fear for daily activities;your child may be having anxiety. If you recognise your child to you a mental illnesses, your child needs to be given immediate treatments. It is said that 3 out of 4 children have mental illnesses such as eating disorders, ADHD (attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder ), bipolar disorders and many more. Your child will show warning signs of a serious mental illness. It’s up to you to pay enough attention to your children, to identify their inner demons. Self-harming, getting worried for no actual reason, high breathing rates, not eating and vomiting are some of the signs of serious mental illnesses.

Ways to enhance your child’s problem solving skills

Problem solving skills will give your children a wider understanding about their body and the world around them, building good self control. Enhancing problem solving skills will help your children think creatively and logically, creating an easy path for success. Make your child discover the answer to their own problems, for example, make your child play with good djeco puzzles, your children will love it. These sort of activities prepares your child’s mind for complex problems, as they grow older. If your child lacks problem-solving skills, it may cause bad behavior in your child because they are stressed out trying to think of solutions to their own problems.

The best way to enhance your child’s problem solving skills is by talking to them. Talk about one problem at a time, give you get feedback by telling your children what actions need to be taken, if he / she faces the same problem again. Try to be your child’s hero and be their role model. Don’t do anything, you don’t want your kids to do. Your kids grow up by watching you and by taking your actions for an example. Your children will automatically pick up your behaviour. Don’t have unrealistic expectations from your children; be happy about their academic results and motivate them to do better the next time. Pressuring your child has bad effects on your mental health.

Things to do if your child is bullied

Many children get bullied in school and their parents have no clue about it. Many children suicide and tried self harm because of being bullied. Being bullied will make them feel worthless. Talk to your child and listen to what he has to say; be a non-judgemental person. Your child needs to know that his / her feelings and emotions matter. Help your child to be confident in solving his own problems and don’t forget to show him that he’s feeling matter and that you’re always by his / her side.

How To Identify Your Child\’s Mental Illnesses

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