For a family with two children, bunk beds seem a great choice to save the space as they exempt you from buying two individual beds for your younger ones. Coming with two bunks, one child can easily sleep on the top while the other can make himself / herself comfortable on the bottom. There are also a myriad of designs available with these bunk beds featuring a bed, sofa and desk. However, while you can use this single furniture for multiple purposes, there are certain safety tips you need to adhere to when it comes to assembling and use of these beds.

Important tips to remember before commencing with the use of these beds

As mentioned above, while you get a myriad of choices for selecting a bunk bed, you need to follow certain tips before you grab one of the bunk beds for sale. Some tips recommended, a must are as follows:

• Look for certification

When you head for purchasing a bunk bed, it is mandatory to check for the certification first. This certification is issued to the beds only when they are considered to be meeting all the safety standards before being sold to a customer. These beds undergo a number of tests, including that of durability and strength before being certified safe for use.

• Check the use of the safety nails

Checking the safety nails is the second important factor you need to consider when you are buying a bunk bed. Remember that there should be only five inch gap between the mattress top and the top of the rail so as to protect the child from being trapped (in case you are buying this for your kid). Also check for the rails to ensure that the child does ‘not tumble down accidentally while asleep.

• Decide a bed, according to the purpose

The bed should be chosen according to its purpose. However, all bunk beds perform the primary purpose of saving space in the room, but you need to select a bed according to the room they are meant for. For example, in a guest room you need to have a futon bottom-convertible bunk bed while that for a teen’s room should be made from some durable and stronger material. Again for a kid, you need a bunk bed with stout railings.

• Check the whole assembling before using it

Before you start using this bed, it is necessary to check the whole bed assembling. Though you can check it on your own, it will be better to hire a skilled carpenter to do the same. He can make sure that all the screws and bolts are tight as well as the ladder and railing is installed securely to avoid accident.

Where from can you avail a bunk bed?

Now you might be worrying about where to get the bunk beds from. Relieve your tension with the internet which provides you details about the dealers offering the beds in your locality. Also with the growth of e-commerce, you can order a bunk bed online as well. However, whatever mode you choose to go with, make sure to follow these tips before finalizing the transaction and commencing with the use.

Safety Tips You Should Follow When Purchasing A Bed For Your Child

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